Powder Magazine: Greg Hill Article

Powder Magazine: Greg Hill Article (Photo credit: treehugger.com)

I was thinking about GREG HILL THE SKIIER while I painted this one
He is a crazy MOFO. He does what other people do not do in a life time and he does it because He decides to.

Greg’s Mantra is “BREATH AND BELIEVE!” and It really seems to work for him.He has the drive and ambition of an olympian but he uses it for his own purpose. He makes his own choices.

I really was thinking about the winds and the mountains and Greg’s life with them at the time I painted this. Sometimes when I paint I overwork them and I liked the first version better but It does have a certain emotion to it.

Here Are A list of greg’s accomplishments…so you understand what it is all about.
if you would like to check out his site it is http://www.greghill.ca

-Climbed and skied 2 million feet in 2010. Averaging 5500 ft a day upwards all year. During this year he climbed 71 mountains, skied 1039 runs, in 4 countries, his biggest day was 23000ft, he had 77 days over 10 grand and set a standard of endurance that will be tough to beat.
-Won the Whistler Randonnee race 3 years in a row, 2002-3-4
-3rd place North American Championships 2003.
-Set the Spearhead Traverse record of 4hr1min, and the complete
Spearhead with 11 summits, 20 000ft in 13 hours.
-First NA to climb and ski 40 000 ft in 24 hrs and set a World Record
of 50 100 ft in 24 hours.(no longer the record)
-Possibly First NA to climb and ski Mt-Blanc in a day, 11 hours, 12000 ft.( anyone know different?0
-Pioneered the Northern Monashee traverse, a 21 day ski traverse where
he summitted 21 peaks along the way.
-Pioneered many first descents throughout the Columbia mts, Canada.
-Has climbed and skied 9 of the 10 highest peaks in the Selkirk mountains.
National Geographic Adventure Magazine 14 amazing adventurers 2006
for his first Million feet climbed and skied in a season 2004-05.
-Climbed 80 ten thousand foot days in 2006-7 season, 990000 ft total.
-Has summitted and skied over 190 mountains.
“The Unbearable Lightness of Skiing” a movie, he filmed, edited and produced,
made the Finals at the Banff International Film Festival and their world tour. As
well as many other international festivals, even translated to Spanish for the
Torello Festival.A shortened version is aired on National Geographic Television.
-He has planted over a million trees.
-Has a signature ski “The Stoke” by Dynafit



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