Etsy front page!!

redmayneThis painting was painted by Catherine Redmayne.

I love red and blue in abstract paintings.(just drawn to it for some reason.)
I think a lot of work was put into this painting. I see layer upon layer of color and texture.

Catherine Redmayne  also has a shop on etsy.  Check it out!


3 thoughts on “Etsy front page!!

    • I am really sorry I was trying to do something good, create an art community.
      I thought that because
      It has the reblog button to reblog blogs that I was allowed and the more exposure the better.
      I apologize if I offended you in anyway everything that I did was well intentioned.
      I am new to this
      am I not supposed to do that?
      I was not trying to take credit for your work in anyway and I will look into it some more before I do anything else.


  1. I didn’t mind the reblog on an art site as WordPress reblogs link to the original address (so I guess you didn’t have to quote it) – just that you claim to be going to showcase other people but didn’t seek out my name from my site. Good luck with your blog.


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