Rebecca Blume Protoplasm Series

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There is something almost 3-Dimensional about this series.  I began to notice these paintings all looked somewhat protoplasmic, thus the title.  I not only enjoy blending colors that seem strange to blend, but I also love the contrast of blended colors underneath a more severe color layout.  Part of me just started to get sick of paint brushes; they are either somewhat high maintenance, or I am just lazy.  Either way, this led to a new series of paintings where I would start using brushes, and finish it by basically dumping paint on the canvas and tilting and/or shaking the canvas until the thick paint settled into a visually pleasing presentation.  I had finally found balance between using paint brushes, and my hatred for cleaning them.  I even progressed into another series which I call “Blow Out” where there are no brushes used what-so-ever.  However, I…

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