I am also starting another site as well because it seems that I need to make it more obvious which art is mine and which is not…so my own art is moving over to nathillartist.wordpress.com

I am aware of lighting problems, cropping issues and glitches in the web site. I learn best by doing and I am currently teaching myself wordpress. Please be patient.

I am an Abstract painter by the name of Nat Hill.I paint Abstract Paintings with Acrylic’s on Canvas.
I Also create just about anything I feel the desire too!
Illustrations,caricatures, birdhouses…landscaping…rockwalls…I love interior decorating and design…
Anything somewhat creative!

I Studied Fine Arts, Creative Arts and Graphic Design.

I Am A SelfRepresenting Artist.All Rights reserved.Copyright Feb 2013.I am also trying to create an artist community one reblog at a time:)

When it comes to art I don’t believe in rules

WE were given OUR gift of creativity for a reason. Let it out!

(however ,I do not believe that we need violent or disturbing images we have enough of that in the world with out creating it ourselves…”just sayin…)


30 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanx for the visit to my blog. the art featured is an image i downloaded and cropped …. being new to such stuff i was unaware of copyright issues…. i fiddled with the idea of changing the image and also did so for some time… but i love it too much.. i thought it captured the essence of my blog. Here is the link http://www.messierart.com/abstract.html
    You have some nice work here. All the best.


    • Thanks brandinex…I am glad that you were inspired!

      I find that art is a great diversion from all that hurts you because
      as you are creating (most of the time)
      You are dreaming of what will be and can be!

      Thus Giving yourself the feeling of momentum
      the feeling of progressing and that is an incredible feeling.
      I am glad I can share that with you” Go for it!!!!!!!”


  2. Thanks Nat, for the reblog and for the like, too. After forty five years as a realist painter, abstraction is something new for me. I am really enjoying it and do one a week, now.
    Good luck and have fun with blogging.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I can completely identify with the challenge of learning WordPress. Someone very close to me is going through that right now, and if we get through it without tearing each other’s hair out it will be a joyful day!


    • so I guess its sort of confusing the way I have my page set up the protoplasm series was a reblog of Rebecca blumes work(trying to connect artists with artists)I guess because it says my protoplasm one might think that the my was me but it is not.it is from the inblume blog. but I too love the colors and designs that is why I reblogged it!!!


  4. Hi Nat,
    Thank you for visiting my blog Abstract Reception and liking my abstract digital photograph “Glacier 1”. I visited your homepage and enjoy all of the wonderful color combinations I see in your work!


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